tammy. (vicinity_love) wrote in jrockquickies,


since the community is new and all, i would love if everyone could pimp us out.

From dragongurljt
thank you so much /praise

Put it in your blog, profile post an entry on a community -anything.
just get this comm active is all we're asking :D
Tags: !mod post; vicinity_love

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Oh god. The second one is pretty damn awesome as well, just like its maker! XD
LOL thanks, bb.
I got half way through another one and then remembered that I actually came on the damn computer to get music. So I went and got music / off topic
Do we get to help you make banners? :D If we do, do we put our credit on it? :]
thanks for your time. :D
That would be awesome! I would greatly appreciate it, and if you want to put your credit on it feel free to :D
Thank you for your help.
I hope these are fine. >< I kinda suck at making images. >< It's fine if you don't use them. D:

OMG. I love you for making a banner of every GazettE member. XD
yeah, becasue now you dont have to make any. and dont deny it, i know you wanted to.
... Did NOT... *chews lips*

Okay, maybe I thought abt it a little, but hey, can you blame me? XD
no, not really. they're pretty hot, and they have alright music....

thank you SO MUCH!
they're gorgeous :DD