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Introductory post + Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to jrockquickies , which is moderated by justhitdelete and vicinity_love .

Introducing a community dedicated to minimum hassle, maximum updates. Also specially for those people who are always moving around, people who go online using their phones, iPods and PSPs or other devices like that.

I mean, have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I don't have to go through all the junk on my f-list to get to the good stuff! Especially on my phone, it's so damn bothersome!" ....Well, I have thought that. So I decided to create this community where jrock news and updates are easy-to-access and simple!


1. Masterposts
n.  A post the moderators will post once every month requesting all members to comment throughout the month on whatever updates regardless of the bands. There will three categories of masterposts every month:
  • Media Release Masterpost - includes things like new PV releases, singles releases, album releases, live DVD releases and so on.
  • Press Release Masterpost - includes things like new interviews, magazine scans, journal entries, lyrics, translations and so on.
  • Miscellanous Masterpost - includes things that you're unsure of where to post, any interesting facts you just found out and so on.
Guys, please post all those examples and so on as comments to the appropriate masterposts. It will make life for the moderators much easier.

2. Band posts
n.  A monthly post also posted by the moderators containing everything we can get from the comments gathered at the masterposts about a specific band. Each band will have their own posts every month. Those posts will be constantly updated throughout the month every time there's a new update from the masterposts.

3. Track comments
n.  To make it easier on the members to get their updates, it would be better to track the comments of the band post of your choice.

Eg. If you want to get updates on The GazettE, just track the comments of The GazettE post of June '09. Every time the moderators edit that post with a new update, we will post a comment notifying you guys that the post has been updated.

4. Tags
n.  To navigate around this comm easier, tags are very important. Each masterpost, band post, mod post will be tagged to make it easier for you to find it.

5. Moderators
n.  People who are all-powerful at a community. Any questions? Ask them! Any complaints? Tell them! Any suggestions? Drop them a comment! Cross their rules? Die! xDD

6. On-the-go
n.  Refers to people who use their phones/iPods/PSPs or any other devices to go online more often than their computers. One of the major group of people this community is aiming to cater to.

7. Three strikes
n.  The rule which states that once you break a rule - or more than one rule - more than three times, you will be deleted as a member of this community. And all attempts to rejoin the community within 3 months will be prevented.


1. No flaming/thrashing/bitching on this comm. Be nice to other members.

2. Use tags to move around this comm easier. This comm is all about the tags!

3. This community is solely for new jrock updates only. When you post your comments, subjects can range from new album release dates to magazine photoshoots to interesting things mentioned in their journals. Comments can and will be deleted if they are irrelevant. Don't take it to heart though, we're just trying to keep the community as neat and concise as we can.

4. No fanfictions or fanarts or graphics dump here. Refer to #3

5. Pictures will all be put behind a LJ-cut. For dial-up users and those people on-the-go.

6. Three strikes and you're out! Break one or more rules more than three times and you will be striked out of the members list.

And for now, that's it. Although if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact either of the moderators. For fastest reply, I suggest you leave a comment here.

Lastly, I hope you enjoy yourself and I hope this community gets to serve its purpose. :D

- justhitdelete
Tags: !mod post; justhitdelete, !rules

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    HEY :D since the community is new and all, i would love if everyone could pimp us out. <a…

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Posting an entry to every photoshoot would actually spam a f-list, wouldn't it? I mean, are you talking about scans or just a post like "they will be in xyz magazine."?

I really like your idea but if everybody is able to post than this community will be a huge spam since there are so many posts about different bands.

My ideas, if it's alright to mention:
We would need something like a masterpost once a month. For example one post called "CD Release" and we will post everything as a comment putting the band in the subject to avoid infos twice. To make it easier we could also have posts like "CD release June '09" and sb will update the entry time by time. So, you easily can check who's going to release something.

So, there will be tags for the bands, the CD releases itself (the masterposts) and then sorted by month. Something like that. Sry, for bad explaining.

Like this we would definitly avoid to much spam. Just need to figute our what would be important to post because only the maintainer need to make posts and the other people just have to comment.

Much work but I would like to help or something like that. *laugh*
Ooh, thats actually a pretty good idea. I got the gist of what you're trying to explain and I'll try to work on that idea.

Im glad you wanna help, but right now the comm is still new and all, so let us sort it out first? You're welcome to help out later when the comm is up and running.
So, first their would be a decision what kind of masterpost would be needed, I guess. *thinking* CD Release, DVD Release, Magazine appearing (that one is going to be huge. xD), new PVs (like you post a link to download or youtube), new outfits and that's all I can think of right now. *laugh*

Know idea if you also want to post translations and stuff.

Well, I could just help to update the entries and stuff. Otherwise I would only be a help with bands like vistlip, xtripx and of course kei. xD~

How about entries for each band where we post the future releases?

Somehow I really got caught up with the idea of that community. o.O
Hahah! Thats nice that you're getting into the idea of this comm.

Okay, your idea of posting a masterpost of a certain type of update is pretty good, but how bout i make it even more specific? Like a certain band's CD releases as one post then another band's as another post? That would make it easier for people to search by their favourite band, right?

Hahah, just gimme one night to dwell on this idea, its starting to form in my head. XD
I thought about
1. making a masterpost monthly for all release updates (not depending from whom and when they will be released),

2. one for each month including all bands (so, you don't have to search for each band if you like more than one) and

3. only one entry for each band with all releases and stuff.

Last two entries will be updated by the moods with the help of the masterposts. Masterposts shouldn't be tagged (spam) since the only important once are 2 and 3.

Sry, if I am talking too much but somehow I can't stop thinking about it. *laugh* Can't remember when I was that creative the last time. o_Ô

Hi, sorry to butt in.

About this idea: It's a really good one, but something struck me just now. I'm a rather lazy and forgetful person, so checking a master post would be something I would forget to do regularly. It also doesn't alert us to the immediate news, and that doesn't really keep us up to date, does it? I know this is for minimum hassle, but it seems more of a hassle to a fan when all of a sudden they have to scroll through entries to a master post, to see if any updates had been put up. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I prefer hearing the news as soon as we get it, and not being behind it because I forget to check the master post.

I hope this made sense, and that I didn't misunderstand your idea or anything.
Oh no, you've got it kinda wrong. The masterpost is just a place where ppl dump the news and then us mods will use whatever info people leave in the masterpost to update normal posts which will be categorized by bands. Roughly thats the idea.

And on what you said abt wanting to get it straight away, dont worry, cos vicinity_love and I get online pretty often. Also, we might be thinking of getting more help once this idea starts running. So yeah. :)
Ah, understood. Sorry for the confusion, then. I only skimmed the posts, it was my mistake.
You can check the tags for that. If I am right there will be one for each band (hopefully going to be updated right after the masterposts) and one for each month. Telling you which band will release something in july, aug and so on.

The idea of this comm is to avoid spam which is hard to manage if you give out news about every band. That's why there will be masterposts.
Hey, is your offer of helping out still standing? ^^

Also, the comm is ready to be up and running! Unfortunately, we really need to cooperation of members to help us get this REALLY started. Any ideas on getting the members to participate?

It would be great if you could help. :D
Alright. Just tell me what I have to do. Personally I'd like to update some monthly months entries and I really wanna update xTripx (i am the mod of their comm) and vistlip. Of course I would do more bands too. xD~



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Re: questions...


11 years ago

Re: questions...


11 years ago

This sounds interesting! I don't go on lj through my phone anymore becuase of the scrolling but if I can get alerts of new post i might just go back on again.
Hahah! The exact same thing happened to me! It got kinda bothersome for me to scroll thru LJ on my phone, so i stopped. Now hopefully, this can change that. :)
I like this Idea ^~^
At first I was worried I would be spammed with a whole lot of stuff but now that I think about it. It may be a good way to learn about new Jrock bands that I haven't heard of. So I look forward to it!!!
It's great that you look forward to it!

But srsly. Can you think of anyway to get this comm and the members of it to be more active? Get the members to participate more and stuff?

  • electric

    Please join to see the posts. Check out the user info for more details. Thank you. :D


    HEY :D since the community is new and all, i would love if everyone could pimp us out. <a…