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【 J R O C K q u i c k i e s 】

take a bite, you know you want to

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quick bites of news and updates on jrockers
Welcome to jrockquickies, which is moderated by justhitdelete and vicinity_love.
A community dedicated to people on-the-go who uses their phones/iPods/PSPs more than their computers.

Have you ever thought, "Man, I wish I don't have to go through all the junk on my f-list to get to the latest jrock updates! Especially on my phone, it's so damn bothersome!" And thus, hopefully, this community aims to be a solution for that.

Here is where you can receive all the latest jrock update news from new interviews to latest magazines photoshoots to new album release dates to interesting things your favourite jrockers posted in their journal or just anything new going on in the jrock world.

This is a members-only community though, so you have to join to see the updates! Also, please read the rules and guidelines of the community here because we run a pretty complicated system here but trust me, it all becomes super easy once you're used to it. Therefore, it's very important to read the rules and guidelines!

If any of your posts break any rules, we will most probably remove that post. Sorry, but that's how the cookie crumbles. (Yummm cookie~)

Please be active and help out with everything, okay? Thanks! :D

profile layout by crazydd // journal layout by kuribati

If you like what you see/hear/read, help us to PROMOTE the community!

You can also TRACK our community for new entries after you JOIN as a member.